Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This is how we ruined up by girls!!!

How we ruined up by girls/women?
(in this article I'm concenterated only in how we ruined up, dont protest "not all girls are like that!", I knew that)

Problems and women are always bonded each other, the ugly truth is even after knowing this, we'll search Mother teresa in graveyard.

Let me start with one of the example.I boarded a bus from velacherry to go T.nagar, with me two ladies boarded the same bus . When the conductor came to them for ticketing, they said no money at all. Conductor stopped the bus and said them to get down, the started to please him and cry, guess what... everybody in bus started to scold conductor for his brutual character (actually thats his duty), so automatically bus got double whistle to move on. As the T.nagar is a last stop we all get down, they seemed to head towards usman road, me too have somme business there, accidentally i followed them, after getting some steps forward they smiled at each other and they stopped at one place to get flower for them, by seeing them I crossed and proceeded to my works....

I think this'll be a good start to my article, HOW WE RUINED UP BY GIRLS/WOMEN. In that simple example itself I learned the ugliest part of women, that made me impressed to hit keyboard against them. They broke the system, escaped from punishment, made the conductor guilty, misused the word please, threatened by crying and finally cruelly lied also smiled each other.

Women, a weaker sex... but whats now happening in India is they using their gender as their sword. You may witness this in the railway ticket counters, where they'll break queue and throw their pleases and smiles. Thats so embarrassing than anyother thing.

I going to exhibit another kind of ladies, who're empowered. Thats worse than anyother thing what really happens empowering ladies means they try too be oversmart or else try to be Hitler. Indira gandhi, said to be a tipping point of Congress's fall. Kamaraj is the actual person who helped a lot & lot to be a prime minister of India, after coming to power she misuses power, corrupts, ruined laws.. By seeing this, Kamraj shows his opposition and says necessary actions to be taken as an International Congress Comittee Leader, can you guess whats Indira's reaction to him for that, she says, "Who're you?". From there Congress got splitted and got spitted.

Ugly? I've more for you... do you want to elobarate Jayalalitha, New Erode Mayor Mallika, Sonia gandhi, Mayavathi?

Dont go for that much, take hostel wardens. Every girls how psycho the ladies hostel wardens are? Every time I go bank/ govt offices I pray myself, Let me not meet any ladies. I seeing widely that, if one getting powered means they first proving their guts to their oppositions by troubling them, thats it, apart from that nothing they're capable. In India, I dont have any idea about women are good in governing...
Let's see the another sick pages of ladies, they're always pessimistic, find spot on others, keeps on murmurs about you, doubts you, dominates your decision, shows their anger by insulting you in public and very particularly greedy. Whats the tragedy means these all happens in one family. I seen many person's are so stressed only because of their mom/ mother in law/ relatives and mainly wives, I never witnessed the vice versa as a mojority.

In Whole of the World, every family faces the property problems in some point. Let me portray the wildest thing of women here, they seperates the siblings for money. They brain washes their husband and divert him against his own sister/ brother. One of my relative girl, complained against her father in law, for the stupid property problem. All in cause of greedy. They're Wilder than animals.

Women are the major responsibility for Pornography & Prostitution.

Nextly, let me explain how the relationship goes for boy and a girl.

Behind Every successful man, There's a Girl... I dont know which mad man said this,


in my planet,

Behind every successful man, a girl after to him..

Let's take Tribal people(kindly dont consider them as humans neither animals, they're better than both), there father will find a boy for their daughter. Let's take animals, there every animals finds their pair themselves. But our humans does the both for their convinience, especially girls, there shows their cruelity. They can brutually hurt fathers as well as their boyfriends.
I explain how she tortures a boy,

for every girl the ultimate aim is to get a boy in order of wealthier, luxury, caring, smarter, slavery and heroitic. To acheive this she makes her appear beautiful, if someone get attracts and approaches her means they'll be their friend from that moment, in their friendship days she'll finds his qualification,plus,minus, wealth, caring, etc., if she impressed by those means she'll go for next step thats known as addicting him to her, as days passes she will plays with the words that representing we made for each other, she often used to say that she likes him & misses him, there she pulling the proposal from boy to spit, there she succeeds. Here she hurts her father. Sometimes girls adjust with some of the things like less wealthier but more slavery, less courage but more richer, less smarter but more caring as so.,

Whats the real ugly thing means, she used to play with words and pull the proposals to many boys, if they spitted their proposals means they simply says ,"You're mistaken, we're just friends", there she shows their GOODGIRL stuff to everybody, and she explains the another side of her word game and proves her innocence. Sometimes she loves a guy, if parents threatens means she simply says bye bye to him and says lets be a good friends, and whats the magic means she'll be alright in 30 days and she starts to chat her future husband as like as her previous lover and sometimes invites her marriage too. Here she hurts her boy friend.

In my personal life I seen many girls who'll be more stubborn and says no to love, if she got a good deal means she'll simply switch over. So finally what her stubbornness says, she not yet seen her apt guy, I cant conclude her stubbornness in any other way.

Few days back, it happened to take tution classes for +2 boys, I simply asked them, how many of your class girls are in love, they smiled at each other and delivers their answer, "only two girls, not in love out of 28". Its damn sure 90% of these 26 girls will keep on changes their boy friend until they marry, because once they lost their perfection, they dont need to be perfect anymore.

I've seen many girls, simply ran out of their family with her boy friend, even how hard their family was. I've a large list to present, but out of that, most hurted is that I'm going to present. Chetan Bhagat (if anybody doesn't know him means, for god's sake please wikipedia him) is one of the finest person in India. In his come there's a women, she cooks. With her sometimes her daughter also come his home sometimes to help her mom. Chetan calls that girl and enquired about her schoolings, she says she quitted schooling few months ago due to poverty. So, he made her to send computer institute with his own money. That girl thanked him very much and started going institute, on one fine day she simply ran away with a guy from her institute by keeping a letter to Chetan, "sorry, i know i making mistake, but situation made me as so, blaa blaa and so on". But Chetan is a Gentleman, he never stopped helping girls, he made one more girl to send the same institute to study.

Yes, only such a search like chetan bhagat keeps all us alive in this world, luckily we'll get some Mother teresa too in this graveyard.

It all started in a period of Adam and Eve, if eve doesn't greed about that apple means story will be on some version, not tragedy.


This is how we ruined up by girls.

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