Monday, 25 July 2011

Aurobindo ashram....Some inspirations

For a change... Let me post about some spiritual stuffs. Because its our  India's  identity.

This ashram is situated in Pondicherry. There are plenty of ashrams in India... but specially whats the unique thing here is Flower decorations over samaadhi/ graveyard. A really cool, calm, spiritual place which is Mind blowing to visit.Near the ashram beach is situated also the buildings near the ashrams are french colonized, which makes some pleasant feel while roaming that areas. But apart from this ashram all the places of Pondicherry will be disappointed one


About Arvindar...
          Arvindar.... about him many thing was published all around the internet. Some of the bullet points here...

> He's a freedom struggler.
>He has high fluency in English, even English professors Go for dictionaries, while reading his books.
>He's not good in cleanliness, where as his followers too.
>His wife name is Miralini Devi.
>He's so polite in nature.

About Annai...
>Though this foundation was initiated by Arvindar, Annai was getting preferenced in Pondicherry... thats a wealthy information and truth.

>Annai... by this name only whole world calling Mira Alfassa
>Originally she's from   Paris, France. She's a silver spoon girl.
>By some Suggestions she visited India to meet Aurobindo in 1914 around.
>After meeting Aurobindo she dedicated her  future for him, she joined as a follower of him
>After annai's entrance in ashram, ashram environment changed to beautiful.
>Everybody had a love and fear over annai which also includes Arvindar.
>Arvindar will not been all time in ashram, So annai took the extreme care on ashram.
>Annai was a perfectionist and a non-sacrificer of uncleanliness.
>So this makes ashram neat and tidy, includes Arvindar room.
>If Arvindar knows that annai goes to visit his room, he'll immediately make the room clean by taking his help from followers... very maximum they clean everything.. if they left out anything means .. annai will spot out accurately.
>Annai made a Transformations in her life.
>Annai constructed a Auroville in Pondicherry, for vision to avoid third world war.

>35% of foreigners comes South India to visit Pondicherry ashram and Auroville.
>Annai met almost all big celebrities which includes Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Kamarajar, etc.
>People believe annai speaks God in Dream, nobody denies it.
>Annai loves Pillaiar @ vinayagar.
>One day Annai suddenly donates her own land to temple trust to build a Vinayagar temple... when people asks for a reason she says.. God asks me in dream..

>After her Japan's trip she learned and implied Flower decorations everywhere.
>Even now we can observe the flower decorations in all around ashram.
>People who got birthday are suggested to visit ashram, they're offered to see mother's room on that particular day only.

near to ashram.. Pondicherry beach is situated lovely evenings available everyday.

many stones are scattered all around shore which prevented Tsunami over here...

So... all over Pondicherry wherever you go it must be regarding peace or else Aurobindo ashram.....


P.S.... Famous 2STATES novel has more mentions about pondicherry... and ashram, now this novel is getting  picturized with aamir khan and asin... which rolls over pondicherry....

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mother Teresa.... Unknown interesting facts....

        MOTHER TERESA.... would be an inspiration to most of the people. She doesn't need an introductory. An identity for love. Many persons knows her, but not her genuine characteristics.. Here I want to Exhibit some of her remarkable moments and facts...

Mother Teresa on younger days..

>>When Mother Teresa went to a bakery man for bread for her orphan children. As she raised her arms, the bakery man just spit on her hand. Then Mother Teresa told him, I would keep this for me, but give me some bread for my children while holding her another hand. On that spot, the bakery man realized Mother Teresa’s gentleness and become a main bread donor for her orphanage.
>>She started all with only three sarees and a five rupee note.
>>Her saree costs US 1$
>>By 1990, 456 centers were established in more than 100 countries. 
>>During that year 500000 families were fed , 20000 slum children were taught in 124 schools, 90000 leprosy patients were treated and 17048 'shut ins' were visited in their homes.


I love Love.. so i love her...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ban ki moon again....


Ban ki moon is again been selected as a chief secretary of the UNO. To be a leader for this post many countries leader's vote is required, ofcouse india too want to vote her vote... logically he never done any good to any of the countries, that too not a big problem, he failed to save countries in the time of wars. In his time only Osama bin laden was defeated, mainly srilankan tamilians have been killed. He never did anything, but india casted their vote (Sonia gandhi and Man mohan singh). Srilanka too casted their vote in favour of this person, that shows India's irresponsibility of srilankan tamilians. Now the only question is how come this person got selected again??????? don't you understand.... this is a period for people like Man mohan singh.