Monday, 28 November 2011

How we ruined by our language "Tamil"!!!

    The need of Language is to communicate one people to other people, by forgetting or misunderstanding this point we tamilians ruined ourselves more. Our people made a language as a religion, a brand, an identity thats were our unity started to broke with other people who doesn't speaks tamil. Our human nature itself developed that way, we not dominating one by knowledge or by intelligence, but by brand name or else in brude strength.

    In Tamilnadu Hindi is portrayed as a villain for Tamil, by our Tamilians, with lead by C.N.Annadurai, Periyar, M.Karunanidhi as so, for the only reason insisting Hindi as a national language. In India itself there are more than 18 languages are there, how do one andhra guy communicates to gujarat guy. In world there are more than 1000 languages are there, how do one african women communicates with a australian guy? Some difficulties occurs here!

    So our Indian govt to beat this difficulty made a system. One should know three languages as a minimum. One's regional language, his County's national language and a Global language. During that time only three states were speaking Hindi, all the other states were accepted and adopted Hindi as their national language and started to educate their people, but except Tamilnadu. Thats how we got a first lag on communication  with our central govt.,  which in effect still some member of parliment was struggling to speak their thoughts in Parliment. Still some people like Ramdoss, Leader of Paatali makkal katchi protesting using of hindi or english. I say these people blocking our development.

   People may says if we start following Hindi or English, Tamil will be depleted. Yes it'll deplete. Firstly we've to know about the origin of Hindi. Hindi brought to India by Aryas from the valley of Caspian Sea. In their land on one side they have their sea and on other side they have their mountain, using those they become more fertile, by acheiving more fertile they got a wealthy population, by getting wealthy population they started to move over various  country to spread theirselves, So as a step they came to the sindhu valley and started their life, these all happens  5000 years ago. Now their language has been trimmed, transmitted i many forms. If they compares with their original Aryas language now means its lot differed, Hindi got clubbed with our dravidian language and formed into some other shape. As same as hindi, english also depleted too much. If we compare the Shakespears writing now, we cant even say which is ABCDE. They got transformed with many languages.

Not every language will be a national language. At one point all must've come foreward to learn the national language and global language. By that time Tamil depletes... It happens, after 1000 year ago hindi depletes and only english will be remined off, in all over the world, that too in some other form.

Our politicians used the tamil language, cinema, drama, books , etc etc as a tool for the vote hunt. For getting seats those people they gambled our development, unity,progress and everything. we communicating each other in a unpure format of tamil, not in pure. Where comes the difficulty.

People may ask what about the crores of books that wriltten in tamil. My answer in those books knowledge is only matters, not the language. It must be translated into all world languages. At one point people starts this a great business, which fetches money too. Sanskrit is now not been spoken, but the knowledge which is written in sanskrit is spoken worldwide now.

There are many problems occuring due to the language barrier, srilankan issues, argentina, australia, africa, south america, etc.., why should we forget the basic need of language, its too communicate, dont get complicate for your laziness to learn other language.

This is how we Ruined


  1. Dear Surya its unfortunate that uwrite likethis.ur datas are right,but ur views are some right,many wrong.its paining.

  2. ( Firstly we've to know about the origin of Hindi. Hindi brought to India by Aryas from the valley of Caspian Sea.)
    I think you need to seriously read history books.
    The Aryan Invasion Theory has been totally debunked. Nothing like that ever happened. DNA analysis of the cross section of Indian population has proved that we are all the same DNA material. Nobody came from outside. This is the ploy adopted by British to divide Indians. Foolish people like the writer fall into this trap regularly.
    Hindi came into existence only 200 or 300 years ago in the form that we know today. Ancient language of north india was sanskrit but is not a widely spoken language today.