Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mother Teresa.... Unknown interesting facts....

        MOTHER TERESA.... would be an inspiration to most of the people. She doesn't need an introductory. An identity for love. Many persons knows her, but not her genuine characteristics.. Here I want to Exhibit some of her remarkable moments and facts...

Mother Teresa on younger days..

>>When Mother Teresa went to a bakery man for bread for her orphan children. As she raised her arms, the bakery man just spit on her hand. Then Mother Teresa told him, I would keep this for me, but give me some bread for my children while holding her another hand. On that spot, the bakery man realized Mother Teresa’s gentleness and become a main bread donor for her orphanage.
>>She started all with only three sarees and a five rupee note.
>>Her saree costs US 1$
>>By 1990, 456 centers were established in more than 100 countries. 
>>During that year 500000 families were fed , 20000 slum children were taught in 124 schools, 90000 leprosy patients were treated and 17048 'shut ins' were visited in their homes.


I love Love.. so i love her...

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