Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ban ki moon again....


Ban ki moon is again been selected as a chief secretary of the UNO. To be a leader for this post many countries leader's vote is required, ofcouse india too want to vote her vote... logically he never done any good to any of the countries, that too not a big problem, he failed to save countries in the time of wars. In his time only Osama bin laden was defeated, mainly srilankan tamilians have been killed. He never did anything, but india casted their vote (Sonia gandhi and Man mohan singh). Srilanka too casted their vote in favour of this person, that shows India's irresponsibility of srilankan tamilians. Now the only question is how come this person got selected again??????? don't you understand.... this is a period for people like Man mohan singh.


  1. then wy dont u create a blog

  2. hi surya.i feel the same.good to see a youngster writing on such suggestion-try to bring the names within the sentence.ex: dueto,bcz of A&B,instead of ----(A&B)(uknow better english).
    Try to avoid repeating fullnames. secondtime call in short or with his post.